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Community Education

Community Education

What is Community Education?
Community Education is Mustang Public School's newest program.  Community Education fosters a lifelong learning process by providing affordable special interest opportunities to our community.  The program addresses all ages and skill levels, our classes open the door to new experiences.
Do I have to have a child in the school district to participate? 
No.  Mustang Community Education offers a full catalog of enrichment courses for learners of all ages.  We provide a wide-ranging portfolio to meet the varied interests of lifelong learners in and around the community.
How do I enroll?
Program courses begin in April.  Enrollment will begin in March and a catalog will be available then, as well.
Do you have a passion or a talent and the enthusiasm to share your interest with others?
Consider Teaching a Community Education class!
Contact us for details - communityed@mustangps.org or call 405-376-7843


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